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King Analytic is a site that offers AI sports analysis and predictions. All the services available on our website are intended exclusively for non-commercial natural persons, not acting in a professional context, and of legal age. The provision of services is subject to the acceptance of these General Conditions of Use.

Conditions of subscription to services

The user of the www.kinganalytic.com site who wishes to subscribe to the services must have read the General Conditions of Use and undertake to respect them by means of the acceptance methods offered by King Analytic. Subscription to the various services of the site is chargeable. The account opened by each member is strictly and exclusively personal.


To have access to the various formulas, the user must fill in an electronic form for the creation of his account, in which he chooses his username, password and provides his personal details: surname, first name, verifiable email. He can now use this information to connect and have access to the analysis and predictions available on the site, depending on the chosen formula and this for the duration of his subscription. The member is strictly prohibited from REPRODUCING, PUBLISHING or COMMUNICATING the analysis and predictions offered to third parties, or from sharing their connection information to the site with any other person. The data entered and recorded constitutes proof of all past transactions. King Analytic reserves the right to cancel any order from a subscriber with whom there is a dispute over the distribution of analysis or predictions or over the payment of a previous order. Without the cancellation of the subscription from the personal space or without explicit contraindication by email from the customer, any order will be renewed tacitly at the end of each period, for a duration identical to the period previously subscribed.

Guarantee and refund

Given the particular nature of analysis and predictions, the member accepts that his subscription to forecasts is not subject to the 7-day withdrawal period provided for the benefit of the buyer of a product or service.

Username and password

The username and password are chosen by the member when subscribing to the services. The member is solely responsible for his creation and the use of his identifiers and password, which are strictly personal to him and therefore cannot be shared with third parties. The member must ensure its conservation and confidentiality. If a subscriber feels that his username and password have been usurped by a third party, he must immediately inform King Analytic.

Respect for privacy

The data collected via the site is exclusively intended for King Analytic, which undertakes not to communicate this data to third parties. The member has a right of access, rectification and opposition relating to the data concerning him. To exercise this right, the member has the option of sending an e-mail to the site via the “Contact” section. The member guarantees that the data he communicates is exact and complete. The member authorizes King Analytic to keep the various operations carried out by him, in particular to meet his contractual, legal or regulatory obligations. Where applicable, the member authorizes King Analytic to transmit the description of said operations in order to meet any contractual obligation or any judicial or administrative injunction.


King Analytic is not a betting site. It offers its own personal analysis and predictions, after a daily and in-depth study of all the sporting events it offers. All information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. The interpretation and use of this information is the sole responsibility of the member. King Analytic cannot be held responsible for the use made by the member of its analysis and predictions. If the member decides to place bets online whether on King Analytic analysisi or predictions or his own, he will do so under his sole and entire responsibility. King Analytic only offers its own analysis and predictions but no member has the obligation to follow them.


The user acknowledges being fully informed of the possibility for King Analytic to temporarily or permanently suspend and/or modify its services, at any time, due to technical or regulatory constraints. The user acknowledges using the services as they are, at their own risk and in full knowledge of the facts. King Analytic cannot guarantee that its services will be free from bugs, a programming error or a technical incident. Given this state of affairs, recognized and accepted by the member, King Analytic cannot be held responsible for the temporary impossibility for the member to access all or part of the services. In the event of temporary inaccessibility to services for more than 72 hours, for which the site or its host would be responsible, King Analytic may extend the user’s subscription in proportion to the time the site remained inaccessible. King Analytic undertakes to intervene quickly to resolve any technical incident that has arisen.

Termination by King Analytic

In the event of non-compliance with these General Conditions, King Analytic reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate a subscription without the possibility of reimbursement. The member is exposed to such measures in particular in the following cases, without this list being exhaustive:
• Presumption of use of an account under the identity of a third party and/or with the username and password of a third party
• Presumption of fraudulent use of third-party means of payment
• Non-compliance with the rules
• Infringement of King Analytic’s rights
• Violation of applicable laws and regulations
In the event of termination, the data provided by the member will be destroyed within 12 months, with the exception of those whose retention by law requires King Analytic to keep them.


The member acknowledges that the data recorded by King Analytic is authentic and constitutes proof of all past transactions. Unless otherwise provided by law, any dispute relating to their execution, interpretation or validity shall be brought before the corresponding courts and tribunals.

Termination by the customer

Subscription to King Analytic site is non-binding and can be interrupted at the end of each period, the debit of the customer subscription is automatic for each period with the possibility for the customer to terminate his subscription at any time. Termination, to be considered validated the following month, must be completed before the end of the current period. Any subscription period started is due. Reimbursement and cancellation of a subscription cannot be effective and only engage the responsibility of the interested party. King Analytic is not responsible for forgetting or failing to cancel a subscription. King Analytic does not reimburse a subscription in progress and this regardless of the duration for which it has been effective because during this period our services offered are accessible and consultable. The termination procedure is done from the user’s personal space, from the management of his subscriptions. In the event of difficulty in terminating a subscription in progress (technical problem, unavailability of the service, etc.). Terminations will be made directly by the member from the customer area.

User’s obligation

• The User uses the Site at his own risk and under his full responsibility.
• The User is solely responsible for the preservation and confidentiality of his password and other confidential data which may be transmitted to him by King Analytic.
• The User undertakes to take all useful measures to ensure this perfect confidentiality.
• Any use of a password presumes use of the Site by the User to whom it belongs.
• The Site is an automated data processing system. Any fraudulent access or maintenance to the latter is prohibited and penalized.
• The same applies to any obstruction or alteration of the operation of this system, or in the event of the introduction, deletion or modification of the data contained therein.
• The User must inform the Company of any change in the identification parameters concerning him, including in particular, changes in bank details.

Accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information

We are not responsible if the information available on this site is not accurate, complete or current. The material on this site is provided for informational purposes only and should not be your sole source of information for making decisions without first consulting more accurate, complete and up-to-date sources of information. If you decide to rely on the content presented on this site, you do so at your own risk. This site may contain some prior information. This prior information, by its nature, is not current and is provided for informational purposes only. We reserve the right to modify the contents of this site at any time, but we have no obligation to update any information on our site. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor changes to our site.


In the event that a provision of these General Conditions of Sale and Use is deemed to be illegal, void or unenforceable, this provision may nevertheless be applied to the full extent permitted by law, and the non-applicable part must be considered as being dissociated from these General Conditions of Sale and Use, this dissociation shall not affect the validity and applicability of all the other remaining provisions

Discounts and promotions

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, discount codes are only valid for new subscribers. In the case of the use of one of these promo codes by a person already subscribed, the promotion code is canceled and the subscription recalculated at the initial price.

Modification of the T&Cs

King Analytic reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and will notify the User by any means, who must therefore accept them to continue to access the Service.












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